Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Two of the best ways to cellebrate summer:watermelon

Pete and I are loving the adventures of being parents. Although it is incredibly hot it has been so nice to enjoy being outside with Madilyn! She absolutely LOVED her first watermelon and we let her play in her pool at least once a week. She has a total blast!! I'll try to post some videos of her in action. These two sweet pictures will have to do for now :)

Tomorrow (6/30) she will be 15 months old and I cannot believe it. We don't go for her check-up for several more weeks but I'm guessing she's around 26 lbs and such a great eater. So far she has eaten everything we've given her except cooked carrots. Not sure why she doesn't like them but I don't either! I love that she actually prefers raisins and fruits over everything else. What a blessing she's not picky like her momma!! She got four BIG teeth within the last few weeks which was a much bigger challenge than the eight front teeth...poor thing! She is saying several words now: momma, daddy, mawmaw, pawpaw, pup pup, sassy (dog @ daycare), bubbles, cracker, pool, milk, no no, hey, bye bye, several animal sounds, etc. She lights up when her daddy walks in the room but she also loves to cuddle up with momma. She still loves her bath time and sleeps through the night. She gives hugs/kisses and even blows us kisses when we're leaving. I charish every minute I'm with her and miss her every minute I'm away from her. I am so grateful God has given me the best husband and sweetest baby girl. I am blessed!!