Sunday, October 4, 2009

6 months old!

We spent some time in Slidell during Labor Day weekend since Pete was able to have a little extra time off...which is very rare during football season! Although he is an Ole Miss fan we did "allow" Madilyn to wear her LSU onesie for the day since it was a gift from Bubba & Granny. 

Madilyn is very active and so much fun! She is rolling over a ton and scooting a good bit but not crawling just yet. She is still a drooling machine and gnaws on everything but no sign of any teeth yet. She still loves bath time too so I tend to take lots of pictures during that time (2nd picture). She had her 6 month check- up last week which was so sad to watch but thankfully she was her normal fun self after she took a long afternoon nap! The doctor confirmed she's eating and growing really well. She now weighs 18 lb, 14 oz and is 26 5/8 inches. He also gave us the go ahead to start spoon feeding her so we've been trying out rice cereal the last few days. 

I still can't believe she's already 6 months old. These have been the absolute best 6 months of my life!! "Light of dad's life" (photo 3) is also very true!!!

I was hoping to take Madilyn to most of the football games but the rain has prevented us from doing that, however, she did really well at the game on Friday night which is where she wore her adoreable red/white polka dotted outfit.

The last picture was actually after church today. Pete had already gone to work so I decided to do a quick photoshoot just b/c I thought she looked so sweet in her houndstooth dress :)

We thank God each day for blessing our lives so much by giving us the opportunity to be parents to such a precious baby girl. 
These are several of my favorite pictures from the last month or so: