Wednesday, July 1, 2009

time flies

I cannot believe Madilyn was 3 months old yesterday! Everyone was right...time flies after they're born!! We are having a blast getting to talk and play with her. Her little personality is really starting to shine! The butterfly in the pictures is something I got her before she was born and just introduced to her last week and she LOVES it. It's soft, has crackly wings and even plays music so the 3-n-1 toy is perfect for her. She's not quite ready to pull the cord to make it sing but she loves to hang on to it...especially while she's sleeping. It has been so amazing to have her come to work with me these last few months. I love being able to watch her sleep, hear her play/talk and hold her during my lunch breaks!! :)

Who knew something so tiny could bring so much joy and love. What a blessing from God!!